Abby and her toddler

Our story: my littlest had an episode at 6 months of vomiting every 5-10 minutes for hours. I was convinced, as was everyone else that she had a stomach bug. She ended up hospitalized because she could not maintain a stable blood sugar. She was as low as 49 at one point. We were eventually discharged and cleared by the endocrine team.

Since that episode I started noticing about a year ago she was throwing up at least once a month if not more always at the same time of night… always for a few hours and about every 15 minutes for those hours. She would be fine after it but had always kept her home because I was sure it was a stomach bug.

It didn’t start feeling odd until she recently started telling me that her head hurt. She just turned 2 in November and her vocabulary has naturally expanded but when she started to consistently tell me her head hurt I knew something was off. It wasn’t until I started talking to a friend who is a family medicine doctor who suggested the idea that maybe she was having migraines that were triggering these vomiting episodes.

We have a strong family history of migraines but no one that has ever experienced CVS from them. We recently saw GI and he confirmed, that even at this young of an age and even the episode she had at 6 months, it is CVS.

I am thankful to have a diagnosis so early and work to find ways to help her get through these. So far they have been self limiting. We do have a prescription for Zofran as needed and can get a prescription for Cyproheptadine if we are seeing more headaches.

We hope that she one day will outgrow them.