The daughter, Amaya

My mom has migraines and CVS. When I was a child, I never knew if mommy was sick or not that day. If she wasn’t well in the morning, then I used to watch TV until mom got up.

Mom was very tired and slept a lot. But I had a special friend, a deer from Build-a-bear, that used to live in mom’s closet. Whenever mom was sick and in bed, I could get Bambi Cecilie out of the closet and play with her.

When I was in daycare, my dad had to pick me up at mom’s in the morning and take me to daycare, in case mom was sick and couldn’t take me. But she was usually well enough again in the evening to pick me up. When she wasn’t, my grandmother or a friend of my mom had to come get me.

When I was old enough to start school, mom made a deal with one of my friend’s parents that they would take me to school if mom was throwing up. When I was a little bit older, I would take the bus alone to school. That was okay, because the bus driver knew me and always made sure I remembered to get off at the right stop.

When mom picked me up from daycare or school, we always had to lie down a while when we got home, because mom was tired. I used to sleep then as well, but often woke up before mom did. I would then go on to watch TV or play. When I was little, we had cold food in the fridge that I could eat, but as I got older, mom started making dinner that she put in the freezer, and that I could heat up in the microwave.

When we make plans, I always try to remember that mom might get sick that day, and that plans may get canceled. Sometimes that makes me sad, but usually it is OK. I am used to it.

But there are good things about having a mom that is sick and not working also. Mommy is always home when there is no school, so I don’t have to be home alone in school holidays, or when I am home sick. Mom also have time to help me with homework. We don’t often get to do big things, but we do a lot of small things together. Ad when we do go to the cinema, or to the theater etc, then I appreciate it even more.